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Pirates, Sea Treasures, and The Star of India

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

It’s Halloween, the second biggest holiday event for adults next to Christmas.

So a quick Internet search tells us that this year Twilight has given new oomph to vampire costumes. Almost is the same mindset are costumes of Madonna and Lady Gaga.  And blue skinned avatars will be partying along with Toy Story folks.

Strangely, pirates don’t seem to be big this year.

But San Diego’s Maritime Museum is full of pirate books and buys, and the Star of India is flying its Halloween sails.

Star of India Halloween sails

Treasures and the sea are bound together. My blog on Tall Ships mentioned briefly the Black Swan case, Spain versus the US marine exploration company Odyssey Marine, a litigation still in court over treasure on a sunken Spanish war ship.  Kimberly Alderman on her The Cultural Property & Archaeology Law Blog is keeping us up to date on that conflict over sea treasures. Spain now has ships in its coastal waters hunting shipwrecks to claim and has found some 100 sinkings that need to be explored.

In San Diego we can venture onto the Star of India and follow behind a lantern toting guide below deck searching for ghost who show up for Halloween. The slight ship’s motion from bay waters adds to the uncertain feeling surrounding the search. It’s not the high seas, or a hunt for high value treasure but it’s safe.

The fun of discovery also comes from the Port of San Diego’s Urban Trees 7, now in the process of being installed. Daniel Stern’s Handstand Man is a great comment on joy found at sea side.

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Daniel Stern's Handstand Man

Christo on art

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

The Environmental Impact statement for Christo’s Over the River is published with details on animal habitat, river access, construction concerns, and economic benefits.

In response to the report, Christo remarks that the report made no mention of art, and the whole purpose of the project is that it is art and “meant to inspire joy and beauty.”

His projects do that, evoking a “Wow!” in part because of the mega-scale in which he works. Explaining the value of that is tough as letters in the local Colorado papers indicate. Christo has more town meetings scheduled in Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and Canon City.

If we had to go through all that to paint a rose or an orchid, we’d be in trouble.

Watercolor rose

Watercolor orchid

My friend Doreen Leverette paints with watercolors and a very tiny brush on a scale quite opposite of Christo but she produces wonderful pictures which evoke “Wows.” She gets details and life-like images by slowly applying the paint with many tiny stokes. Her images connect with the beauty in nature in an emotional way.

Art is personal. Both for the artist and the viewer. At the end of Christo’s video on The Gates, a vendor in Central Park says something like this: you come to see art, you stop, you see, you feel, you walk on by. I think that’s a great summary . Mona Lisa, draped fabric, simple rose–we look, we respond, we walk on by.

This is a blog about artists.

Monday, May 24th, 2010

We will look at what is new and old around town.



Monday, May 10th, 2010

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