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Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

My novel, Artists&Thieves, recently won the San Diego Book Awards in the action/suspense category.  It is highlighted in a Kindle Author Sponsor page on David Wisehart’s blog.  You can find the book trailer, short reviews, and an excerpt there. Check it out.


Ricardo Breceda’s Sand Dragon

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

Ricardo Breceda's dragon in the sand

In Borrego Springs, CA, a guy who owns acres of sand and has acres of money has commissioned artist Ricardo Brededa to create large creatures.  They are mostly prehistoric, dinosaur types, and are scattered on the private sands the landowner calls Galleta Meadows Estates.  Currently there are 125 sculptures on the roughly three square miles of sand.  The three square miles are actually not in one spot but scattered here and there on the perimeter of the town.  The sculptures are controversial, since Borrego Springs is a hot bed of California State Parks folks who try very hard to keep the land in as native condition as possible.  The sculpture, needless to say, are not “native.”

But the latest creature is quite cool.  It is a long dragon which seems to undulate in and out of the sand.  It reminded me of the old movie of the Loch Ness monster with its humps moving through the lake.  In this case, sand. When I was there to take pictures recently, a family of five was camped in the shadow of the dragon’s head which made it difficult to get photos without little people in them.  But that is what happens in the middle of nowhere.

Something and someone always pop up.

Detail, Breceda's dragon


Detail, Breceda's dragon