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Chinese Sculptor Xiaoye Sun

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

Xiaoye Sun's Washing My Dog

Xiaoye Sun's Me and My Horse

Xiaoye Sun has a second exhibition at Pulse Gallery in San Diego.  His first was exactly a year ago in the same location. That show had a variety of bronze pieces from cats, to roosters, to human figures, male and female.  It also had pieces with titles that made me think.  For instance, Suicide. There are photos of some of these on my previous blog from March 3, 2011.

This show has only nine pieces, bronzes made since 2011. It is a coherent display. All the figures are human with unremarkable titles: Me and My Horse, Washing my Dog, Ansley. So there are no surprises about the “intended meaning” of each piece.  The figures are thin, elemental bodies, and the dogs and horse are intricate to the figures. Animal and human are attached to one another and portray the  bond which exists between both. His human figures seem to aim for a two dimensionality–ultra thin, except that the anatomy is painfully stark and the tooling of the clay origins are evident.

I like this show. The pieces are both positive and strange.

Xiaoye Sun's Suicide

Xiaoye Sun's Ansley

But the excruciating pain portrayed in some of the previous  pieces evoked more thought and an ambiguous  and complex relationship between human and animal.  Compare Suicide from last year’s show to Ansley from this year’s.

Xiaoye Sun could not be in San Diego for this show. He is kept busy in China.  He works at the Jiangsu Wuxi Moder Art Research Institute and exhibits in Beijing and Shanghai. He both creates the clay sculptures and has them cast in China. So I didn’t have the feeling that the artist had discussed these pieces in personal interactions with the gallery host as was the case last year. In fact, it is difficult to find out about the artist and the gallery certainly did not make available anything except the price list. So a very interesting artist remains vague.