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Using Yarn As Art

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

Sangre de Cristo Arts Center

The Sangre de Cristo Arts Center in Pueblo, Colorado, is an amazing building. Like many of the homes and buildings in Pueblo it is made of brick. But this building is only 40 years old and very modern. It houses several permanent collections and in June, 2012, Under Western Skies features works by Western artists from the collections.  The building is beautiful inside as well as outside so it is always a pleasure to walk through the three floors of art. There is a rather unique series of pieces using Fairy Tales as inspirations, but not too literally.

Fairy Tale Walk-through Forrest

A walk through a forest of hanging cloth panels of aspen trees is “interactive.” From high in the trees, sparkling masks stare down eerily.

Currently, though, I had more fun outside, than inside. The bronze statues, a light post, a couple of  trees, and the stair rails are wrapped with yarn pieces done by what looks like a mad hatter’s workshop. When I asked inside who had done the knitting, the receptionist said simply, “those people over there.” Since we couldn’t find any people over there, I’m going with my initial impression of the mad hatter.  These are pieces made of different textures of yarn, some look knitted, some may be crocheted, some fuzzy, some stringy. A bronze carousel horse has his tail and mane augmented with yarn, a bronze girl, Her Quiet Moment by L’Deane Trueblood, has a yarn lei added on, and the stair railing’s twist of metal is “scarfed.” All are delightful bursts of color and textures. The soft yarn contrasts with the hard metal and bark.

Very cool. Very funky.

Yarn lei

Yarn on Street Light

yarn on tree

Yarn on stair rail


Linda Schroeder’s Virtual Book Publicity Tour

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Final Book Cover



In June and July I will be visiting a lot of Internet sites publicizing my book Artists & Thieves.I’ll post some guest blogs and answer some usual and original interview questions.  Also I’m giving away a Kindle Fire.  Stop by Pump Up Your Book and sign up to win the Kindle and take a look at my guest stops.


Just for fun I thought I’d show you the three other covers that Jackie Meyer designed for Artists & Thieves.  She did four designs and it was very difficult to choose.  The three designs, other than my cover, are the preliminary sketches  so the color, etc. is not in any finished form. And they are too big to fit into the format here for the blog so they are “not all there.” Just imagine that the writing is really all there and my name is at the bottom.

My publisher, Jerry Simmons,  liked the dark haired woman, my mystery writer friends liked the man in the hat, and my detective novel enthusiasts  like the blood spot. But in the end, the one I chose best represented the main character and her link to her ancestor in China.