Artists&Thieves was published  August 17, 2010. It is available through Amazon, Kindle, Barnes&Noble, Nook, and Google eBooks. You can order directly from me.  Check the Contact page.

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July 14, 2011  Author Talk   San Diego Mystery Club

July 5, 2011    Terry Ambrose, in 7/5/11 issue of reviews Artists&Thieves: “Readers interested in the art world will enjoy Schroeder’s characters, who seem to have just enough larceny in them to be unable to refuse an opportunity to make a big score.  And, for those who are tired of novels dominated by weak plots that only succeed due to an overabundance of senseless violence and sex, Artists and Thieves is a good alternative.”

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June 17, 2011  Kindle Author Interview at

February 2011 issue, Midwest Book Review,  Lois Wells Santalo said:

“There was a time when mystery novels could be counted on to inform as well as intrigue.  From Dorothy Sayers who detailed the art of bell-ringing to Eliabeth Peters who told us of early-day Egyptian archeology, readers reveled in the double pleasure of following a murder investigation and also picking up knowledge.

Modern mysteries are all too often lacking in both intrigue and information. Whether police procedurals or horror tales, they focus entirely on action and suspense.  Both are necessary but both can be overdone. Breathtaking action tempts the reader to skim in order to find out what happened, and a skimmed novel is never memorable. So it was a real treat to come upon this mystery which actually informs us about the art world of San Francisco and Monterey, and introduces us to its artists, its collectors, and even its thieves.

Every page of this book is worth reading. . . . And in the midst of breathless suspense  a peacock riding in the front seat of Mai’s car provides a lovely touch of humor.

Highly recommended.”

February 12, 2011     Author Talk and book signing,  United Church of Christ La Mesa, 5949 Kelton Avenue, La Mesa, February 12, 2011, has completed the conversion to ebook and the ebook edition is available on Amazon’s Kindle,  Barnes&Noble’s Nook, and from Google’s ebooks.

The cover was designed by Jackie Meyer in New York. Her clients include many big publishers such as Time Warner, Random House, and MacMillan. Jerry Simmons, publisher at INDI Publishing Group, arranged for her to do my cover. She has the cover on her web site along with Bill Gates, Rosie O’Donnell, and James Patterson. You can take a look at it among the “biggies” at

The main plot of Artists&Thieves is Mai Ling’s attempt to steal a bronze Chinese bowl. She often finds herself in Marx Brothers-ish situations as well as real peril. The subplot involves Mai’s friend Angelo, an installation artist who is getting ready to drape the Monterey Custom House in golden nylon and build a camera obscura.

I posted a blog on the camera obscura on August 12, 2010. Blog posts on bronze work are coming up. I think both subjects are very interesting.

Media Watch

Media watch

August 13, 2010  Author interview at

Book launch and book signing is August 18, 2010 at Paradise Point Resort on Mission Bay in San Diego.

Presentation to Sisters In Crime, San Diego,   September 2, 2010.

Book signing at Quality Instant Printing, 5510 La Jolla Blvd, San Diego,  November 27, 2010, 11:00–3:00 pm.

San Diego Public Library 45th Annual Local Authors Exhibit, 2011



Readers are commenting:  “I liked it a lot but it was too short.” Renee

“My favorite scene is the peacock in the Jag.” Pam

“The dialog and actions are well integrated. No weird scenes of over-emoting.” Jack

“You write the way I like to read, in one continuous flow.” Ann

“An incredible amount of information on a variety of subjects.” Bart

“I love the characters!”  Carrie