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Murals of La Jolla-Richard Allen Morris

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Applied by R. A. MorrisDetail, "Applied"

Detail, "Applied"

The eighth mural of La Jolla is on an accessible wall and is printed so well on the large Miroflex cloth that the texture of the impasto looks three dimensional. Richard Allen Morris uses texture and vivid colors in his paintings; this mural is called “Applied” and is printed from a photo of the original eight-by-eleven inch work. The mural is surprisingly clear and the textures pop. This is easy to relate to,  easy to walk up close to. It reminds me of scoops of ice cream–maybe because it was especially warm on the day I walked by.

A couple of the murals seem a little worse for wear in the bright sunlight–Anya Gallaccio’s electron microscope image of a sand grain seems to be fading–the dark valleys are not nearly as dark as they used to be and Ryan McGinness’s “53 Women” is not quite as vibrant–the primary colors are just a little less startling. Of course, maybe it’s not the sun’s fault. Maybe I’m just used to seeing those two.

Baldessari's SeaScape & Brain Cloud with Palm Tree

I had lunch at George’s of the Cove and sat next to John Baldessari’s brain cloud and it is just as weird as ever. That third floor terrace is about the only place you can really see the whole of Baldessari’s mural. From the walkway below by the sea,  the top part is visible but not the deep blue of the ocean below the brain cloud.  It takes a while to get used to Baldessari but the brain cloud is my favorite Murals of La Jolla.
There will be eight more murals in the next months.

Richard Allen Morris’s Applied is fun.  It kind of sneaks up on you as you walk up Fay Street. It seems more “universal” in that you only need to appreciate the artist’s use of color and the movement given the color with the use of texture and not ponder what the deeper meaning might be. It’s a great swirl of energy.

Murals of La Jolla, #5, Ryan McGinness

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Detail, 53 Women by McGinness

The fifth mural in the La Jolla Murals series is easy to see and find.  It covers the horizontal span of a wall facing a parking lot and can be seen from Herschel Avenue.  Actually, unlike a couple of previous murals, it’s hard to miss.

It is a digital print on Sintra panels stretched on aluminum frames. It’s black with geometric figures in vivid colors. And it is six feet, 8 inches high and 40 feet 7 inches long. It’s called 53 Women.

Ryan McGinness explains that he works to “iconify the underlying visually logical geometries inherent in my figure drawings . . .and capture the purely aesthetic experience of graceful curves and sensual forms inherent in my models.” Okay. We can see that.  On his web page he has a book shelf with books he has written.  One is Flatness is God. Okay. We can see that, too.

McGinness also says, “These drawings are my version of what is sexy.” Okay.  Fifty-three nudes, bright, iconic, stretched over 40 feet. I guess it is.

I talked to a fellow across the street from the mural. He said reactions are mixed to the mural. And a couple of comments from passersby were negative. Put something sexy on a long wall and that figures.

The four previous murals are non-confrontational.  Baldessarri’s is hard to see, and it’s a plam tree and brain cloud. Anya Gallaccio’s is an electron microscope image of a grain of sand. Kim MacConnel’s and Roy MacMakins’ are pure color designs. This one is definitely an “in your face” mural.  It reminds me of stencil street art by such artists as Blek Le Rat and Banksy. Clear cut images in unexpected places.

53 Women, Ryan McGinness

Makes you wake up.