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Denver’s Big Blue Bear

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013
I See What You Mean

I See What You Mean

Denver's Convention Center

Denver’s Convention Center

This big blue bear is one of Denver’s 150 outdoor art pieces and hands down one of the most joyful. It is forty feet tall and stands peering into the Convention Center. It’s a show stopper and one which made me happy all day. Not only is it surprising in height and color but the title has to be about as inspired as the bear itself, I See What You Mean. That phrase connects the bear to the viewer and whatever is going on inside. So great.

And the bear definitely makes a connection to a lot of people. Tiny four inch replicas are available to buy in gift and museum stores.

But some want to connect with it in not a good way. It has had green paint poured down its back and been tagged with a yarn bomb by street artist Esther’s Ladies Fancywork Society. The green paint was harder to remove. The yarn bomb was 15 miles of yarn in a big ball placed by the bear’s foot. No harm done with that one.

Lawrence Argent is the artist. This is one of many works. He teaches at the University of Denver. Here’s a nice interview with the artist and overview of the sculpture.